youexistbut-doyoulive asked:
whats your split like bra?

Sunday: Chest
Monday: Legs (presses and squats)
Tuesday: Arms
Wednesday: Shoulders
Thursday: Legs (Calves, curls and lunges)
Friday: Back
Saturday: OFF sort of (Hike Runyon and/or Abs)

Leave a ‘would you ever’ in my ask


Mboya Edwards

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desire-t0-be asked:
What's your opinion on the whole Arnold brand supplements? Saw you post a picture of one of them and was curious on your experience

Day one was great. Day two (today) not so much… and it tastes like shit. Will continue to use but wouldn’t recommend… yet. We’ll see. I’ll keep you guys posted. If you’re searching for a pre-workout right now I’d suggest C4. But seriously though… RIP Original Jack3d. Gone but not forgotten.

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